The Flexible Ultralight Navigation by XTRAMARINE

X-FUN is a new concept of boat, to experience the sea with ease, designed for sea enthusiasts and professionals.  

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Homologué cat D
Max 4 personnes ou 350 kg
* Le modèle présenté est X-FUN Diva. Voir les CGV
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Omologato cat D
Max 4 persone o 350 kg
* Il modello mostrato è X-FUN Diva. Vedi le CGV
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Homologated as cat. D
Max 4 passengers or 350 kg
* The model in the picture is X-FUN Diva. See GCT


Inflatable structure in dropstitch material with 3 independent chambers for improved safety.


Dimensions: 4 x 1.7 m for a weight of 35 kg. X-FUN fits in a bag in the trunk or on the roof of a car.

Modular and reconfigurable

Detachable accessories to transform X-FUN into both a leisure or service boat.

3 years warranty

Uncompromising quality!

X-FUN is handmade entirely in Europe with high quality manufacturing.

Details of X-FUN

Two versions available 
X-FUN and X-FUN Diva


PROMO:   6.500 TVA inc.

  • Dropstitch made catamaran
  • Possibility to create a large surface area by joining several boats
  • 4 bow rings and 4 stern rings for attaching accessories (e.g. cushions, supports, etc.)
  • 4 handles on the deck
  • 4 universal mounts FASTen Borika® (2 for each hull)
  • Support for action cam
  • Removable transom for engine mount
  • 2 aluminium oars and relative supports compatible with FASTen Borika®
  • Electric pump with li-ion battery with dual power supply 220V and 12v
  • X-FUN carrying bag that can also be used on the roof of the car
  • 3 Years Warranty


PROMO:   9.600 TVA Inc.

  • as X-FUN
  • +
  • Same features as X-FUN, but with the addition of:
  • Deck extension via removable front dropstitch cushion (it can be used as a floating platform)
  • X-FUN logo and colorful pattern along the entire length of the hulls
  • Velcro predisposition for deck lining
  • Navy blue faux leather blanket upholstery with logo
  • 2 seat cushions with marine imitation leather upholstery
  • Removable and foldable stainless steel ladder with mounting base